40 Acre Movie Ranch with Multiple Locations in One

$150/hour *
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Amazing 40 acre shooting ranch very close to town- a rare find! 30 mins to Hollywood/downtown/studios well within studio zone. Road to top of hill with 360 degree view unspoiled mountains/can land helicopter. Massive film ranch recently burned during fires. One cottage with 2 bed interiors remaining, many outdoor locations, stream mountains, woodlands, horse corals, bridges, interior roads, the grass and woodlands have grown back for picturesque areas but dry for summer except along creek. Many different looks on one ranch- Some burned out "spooky" cottages & burned out "abandoned" vehicles, trashy trailer for different gritty look. Another house under construction that you can use. Great shooting location, it is within the studio zone (25 mins from Hollywood and Downtown). No street lamps, no restrictions late night/overnight shooting. Very little overhead traffic and one very quiet road, private ranch surrounded by National Forest 6 minutes to freeways 210/5 Interior private roads you can use for driving shots. Doubled as Malibu (sand flat area against hills), cottage in the woods, big bear, mid-west. Stream picnic areas, easy accessible. Great for a thriller. Electric on ranch. Parking enough for honey wagons + 70 cars, more parking close by. Secure 2 gates. Cottage can be used for makeup/wardrobe/office or as location, 2 bed house. Many different sets and looks in one location. We are used to working with film crews and people love working at our ranch. It is great for sound (v quiet) and well set up for movies. Lots of quaint little places for print too. Fine to have horses and we can provide, Gail is showjumper (jump shot not at ranch but have horse/rider). Dirt road to the top of the hill. This can be helicopter landing area or just great 360 view of undeveloped mountains. Miles of mountains, over looks entire ranch and areas with 360 degrees un developed land. 2 trailers, available as honey-wagons or to shoot. We are flexible, if you have a weather or crew issue we are happy to move you to another available date for no additional charge.
*Price is for small movie/stills 20 person or less, 12 cars or less for larger productions 21-40 persons, additional $100/hr.,  bigger than 40 person productions please inquire